Why choose Lishinu?


Simple! There are just too many reasons why choose Lishinu hands free dog lead over others, but just to make it easier for you we are mentioning a few.


Get to the fun, faster! Lishinu goes on and off your arm fast and easy, to maximize quality time with your furry friend. Rest your arm on Lishinu and pull the easy-slide belt through the hook. And in an emergency, just pull the safety belt to remove the entire apparatus.


Lishinu does the hard work, while you keep full control with simple movements of your hand and body. No buttons, just freedom and fun.


Control the leash with inovative Stop Button

Active Sport Leash

Go jogging, go running, go hiking, go nordic walking, stay fully active with Lishinu hands free leash. It has never been so easy, cool looking and simple. Lishinu sport leash also combines safety and function with highly reflective thread specially designed to enhance nighttime visibility. This way you and your dog are safer/ visible even when you go out in the dark.

Prefer to Hold It?

No problem! Holding Lishinu’s soft ergonomic neoprene wrist strap makes Lishinu a high-quality & extremely comfortable hand leash too. The best thing about it is that with the soft adjustable padding you can still hold other things in this same hand. When you want, Lishinu goes right back on your wrist to the cool hands free dog leash that you love!

Full Control /Crowded Places

There are situations where you want to keep your dog on a very short distance. We created a simple reflective handle-like extension to hold on to when such moments occur, having full control over your dog. The control grip handle is useful for situations such as walking through traffic or a crowd.

Auto-lock Mechanism& Training Lock Sound

With Lishinu intelligent auto-lock mechanism it’s very easy to control your dog with the simplest, natural motions of your body. And there is more…When mechanism locks itself, many dogs start to associate the ‘locking sound’ with a “DO NOT” instruction , creating a training behavior. Simple, effective and effortless!

Safety First

We made sure our innovative hands free leash is safe. When wearing it on your wrist it is very simple to remove it in case of emergency – simply pull the safety red tag and it is detached in split second.

Attach Anywhere You Like

Having troubles securing your pet leash? Not anymore. With flexible neoprene wristband Lishinu can be easily attached anywhere you like since it fits everywhere. Just relax and enjoy your moments.

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