What Can Our Dog’s Teach Us About Fitness and Health? You Will Be Surprised!

When we are looking to change our daily eating and exercise habits, we most likely seek advice from either a fitness guru or a medical professional that can help guide us onto a healthier path. However, how our canine companions instinctively live each day, is actually filled with some marvelous wisdom. What can our dogs teach us about fitness and health? You will be surprised…

Routines Are Important

We know getting into a routine at work is oftentimes the only way everything will get finished on time. But for our dogs, routine is the way to stay happy and healthy. They not only expect to eat their meals at the same time daily, but they follow a specific sleeping and playing regime as well. We’ve learned that following our pooch’s daily habits can mean the difference between a happy pup and one that is whiny and frustrated or a clean rug versus one that needs to have a stain removed.

For us humans, dedicating a specific time to exercise each day means we are more likely to get up and do it. Planning our meals will keep us on a healthy pace, rather than grabbing some fast food on the way home from work. Healthy routines are beneficial for both humans and beasts.

Routines Can Be Altered

Even though this point may seem contradictory to the meaning of “routine,” deviating from the daily grind of fitness can sometimes do you a world of good. Take our dogs as an example, on a walk around the park they may get sidetracked from the normal path to sniff a tantalizing smell, or to investigate a squirrel. This slight change in routine is not going to harm the overall result of the activity, but it makes the walk so much more enjoyable and memorable.

If someone is using the treadmill at the gym, then try a stationary bike. Going with the flow is a way to avoid stress and to perhaps find a new and thrilling workout routine..

Don’t Forget to Play, Even When Learning Something New

Many times adults lose the ability to play. However, having fun is paramount to living a satisfying life. Good dog trainers advise pet parents to play and have fun while teaching Fido a new skill, like heeling or walking on a lead. It will not only make the lesson more fun, but your dog learns faster with positive reinforcement. The same can be said for us learning a new exercise or even finding a new recipe. Have fun and don’t take yourself so seriously. If you fumble over the moves or botch a batch of healthy cookies, relax and be happy you now know what not to do.

Have a Great Attitude

It’s rare to meet a puppy that isn’t bouncy, happy and wagging its tail. They approach everyone with a purity of heart that people can’t resist…this is one of the reasons why most folks are drawn to them. If we were to follow our dog’s lead when it comes to interacting with the people we meet on a daily basis, we may be surprised to find out how much we can change their attitudes, even if they start out as less-than-friendly. Having a happy heart is not only good for our health, but it is contagious to those around us.

Stop Over-thinking Everything

Some of us tend to over-think every little problem or task that comes our way. Not only is this stressful, but we can miss out on opportunities to broaden our fitness or health levels. Take our canine teachers for example. If you throw a stick into the water, they will barrel in after it with unabashed glee, even when they have no idea what awaits them in that pond. How many times have you over-thunk a move in sports and caused yourself to mess up? Sometimes, living in the moment and just going with it all, can be some of the best workouts we can ever have.

Watch, Learn and Live

Our dogs are not only our best furry friends, but they can teach us a lot about our fitness and health. Make a routine, but don’t forget to have flexibility in it to discover new things, take time each day to have fun and adopt a great attitude. You might just be surprised at how much healthier and happier you are for living like your dog.