Train Your Pet Bunny to Walk on a Leash

Rabbits can make great pets. They are relatively easy to look after, they can be trained to go in a

litter box, plus, you can even bring them outside for a walk. However, unlike a dog that naturally

takes to a harness and lead, there are a few things you will want to do before you and your bunny

can embark on an outdoor adventure together.

Step 1 ­ The Harness & Lead

There are specifically made harnesses just for bunnies. These are lighter­weight and are

designed with a band to go around the neck and a band to fit around the chest/torso. Never use a

collar as your rabbit can easily slip out of one of these, which could lead to injury.

When it comes to a leash, Lishinu’s retractable lead made for small dogs will give your bunny

the freedom he craves, but with the protection you insist upon. It’s even hands­free so you can

walk your rabbit without tying up one of your hands.

Step 2 ­ The Fitting

With your bunny on the floor in a safe area, fasten the harness. If she makes a fuss, speak in a

quiet tone and offer her treats. You want her to view this as a pleasant experience, not a


If all goes well and your bunny isn’t resisting the harness, allow her to walk around wearing it. If

she is being skittish or jumping, kicking or stressing out, take the harness off and give her a treat.

Try again later or the next day.

Step 3 ­ The Inside Walkabout

After your rabbit has successfully worn the harness without incident, attach a lightweight leash

and let her drag it around to house. This gives her the opportunity to feel the “tug” of the leash in

a safe environment. Again, if she resists or shows signs of discomfort, take the lead off and try

again later.

Once your bunny is accustomed to the leash, remove the lightweight lead and attach a Lishinu

made for small dogs. Practice walking your bunny indoors for several days before venturing


Step 4 ­ Outside Time

Experts recommend before bringing your bunny for an actual walk, you first let her get

accustomed to being outside. This can be as simple as bringing her cage outside or placing her

in a pet­ safe enclosure in a shady area. Some rabbits can get overstimulated with the fresh air,

so allowing her time to acclimate may save you and your pet some stress down ­the ­road.

Step 5 ­ It’s Walkie­Time

Rabbits are not like dogs, so you will never be able to teach this pet to heal by your side.

However, allowing your rabbit to safely bounce around your yard will provide her with some

physical and mental exercise. Take things slow, have patience and offer your pet a lot of praise

and treats and soon you will be enjoying the great outdoors with your fluffy pal.

Lishinu Cares

Here at Lishinu we care about you and your pets. With our retractable leashes you will have the

ability to walk your pets while still carrying your water, telephone or anything you need. Plus, they

come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your animals up to 66 pounds (30 kg). Grab one to

start your hands­free walks with your best furry friend today.