Top Reasons Why Canine Fitness is Important and How You Can Help

With obesity on the rise we know that a daily routine of exercise and good nutrition are two of the most important ways to keep ourselves in top shape. The same goes for our canine companions. Fitness for our bff (best furry friend) is no longer something good pet parents view as a once ­in­ awhile activity. It is necessary to give our pets the best and healthiest lifestyle they deserve.

Here are the top reasons why canine fitness is important and how you can help your dog live a happier and longer life.

Exercise is Important for Your Dog’s Body

An active dog is one that tends to be limber, ready ­to go and with a body that has a full range ­of­ motion. When our dogs become lazy and inactive they run a higher risk of becoming obese. Too much weight can then lead to diabetes and heart disease. Limbs that are not exercised daily can also become arthritic, stiff and sore.

How can you help?

Combating obesity starts with a well­ balanced, high quality dog food. After their dietary needs are met, get Fido outside for a long walk, a jog around the park or even just a rambunctious game of fetch. Do this everyday and you will soon see an improvement in your dog’s overall muscle tone and energy levels.

Exercise is Important for Your Dog’s Mind

Dogs that are bored tend to become frustrated. Oftentimes this frustration will turn to bad behavior such as excessive barking, constant digging, chewing of household objects and even eliminating in the home. Like us, dogs need to be mentally stimulated, to have something to exercise their brains, as well as their bodies.

How can you help?

Exercise in the form of agility or scent ­detection are two ways your dog can put that puppy IQ to the test.Manufacturers of pet products are also making a variety of puzzle toys that allows your dog to think and work at getting his favorite treat out; perfect for those pet parents that are away from home for long periods ­of ­time.

Exercise is Important for Your Dog’s Socialization Skills


A dog that is not allowed to experience new situations or people can become fearful and aggressive whenever a new situation arises or when she is taken out of her normal routine. This can lead to a dog being extremely timid or shy, growling, cowering, snapping and even fear biting.

How can you help?

When you get a puppy she should be exposed to different situations, people and other dogs so she grows in her ability to cope. This also helps to build up her confidence levels. A good place to start socializing your pooch is with a professional trainer. Here your dog will learn basic obedience skills, but will also meet new dogs, different people and new situations, all under a controlled environment. Dog parks are also another place to socialize Fido, but remember to keep a close eye on your dog until he is comfortable, especially for those pups that are still shy or unsure.

Exercise is Important for Your Dog’s Packing Mentality

Dogs by nature are a packing animal. If left to their own devices they would live in family units with an Alpha male and Alpha female at the helm. However, for dogs in a household of people, you become their pack. Our furry pals look to us for everything, so we must be up to the task of meeting that “demand.”

How can you help?

Dogs left outside in the backyard without any attention from its “human pack” members is a cruel injustice for the species. Get Fido out for long walks, rides in the car, or go to canine ­friendly places such as public dogie swimming pools, beaches or parks. No matter what you do with your canine companion, having a close bond is not only great for him, but it can be very therapeutic for us humans, as well.

Never Too Busy to Be Healthy

Even though our lives are packed full of daily duties and obligations, we should never be too busy to get outside with our dogs and have some fun. Take a walk or run with your bff today and see how much better you both feel for it.

Dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend….let’s start being one back!