Is Your Pooch Predisposed to Getting Porky?

All pets can become overweight. This may be due to overeating, lack of exercise or an underlying

medical condition such a hypothyroidism. However, there are some dog breeds that are prone to

excessive weight gain. And just like people, it can be more difficult for these particular pooches to

get down to a healthy body weight. Check out which breeds are predisposed to being porky to

see if you may have to fight the battle of the bulge with your canine companion.

The Beagle

This breed tends to gobble up whatever food is made available to it or whatever it can find…don’t

leave your dinner plate unattended. The Beagle is designed to be a hunting dog so when pet

parents treat it as a house pet, it tends to pack on the pounds. Before you bring this breed into

your home, be sure you are prepared to give it daily and rigorous exercise to prevent it from

becoming obese.

The American & English Cocker Spaniels

Because of the big brown eyes and floppy ears of these adorable dog breeds, people tend to

treat them more like cuddly “babies” rather than the field dogs they are actually bred to be. If left

to their own devices the Cockers can easily become couch­potatoes which will pack on those

unwanted pounds. Get these pooches off the furniture and exercising to prevent obesity.

Lishinu Tip: Feeding your dog a high quality dog food is one of the best ways to ensure

good nutrition, along with a balanced diet to promote a healthy weight.

The Dachshund

Not only are Dachshunds prone to being fat, they are also prone to a condition known as

Intervertebral Disc Disease. This only worsens with obesity, which can lead to paralysis. Pet

parents of this dog need to remember they are full of energy because their origins are dated back

to when they were used for hunting weasels, badgers and other small game.

The English Bulldog

With its short stocky build and pushed­in nose, the English Bulldog tends to want to laze those

dog­days away on a comfy bed. However, letting this breed gain an excessive amount of weight

is not only hard on its joints and heart, but will only add to its heavy­breathing problem.

Lishinu Tip: Daily exercise to promote weight loss can include a long walk with our

retractable leash or playing fetch in the park.

The Golden Retriever

This dog may have been voted most popular, but it also tends to gain an excessive amount of

weight if not monitored. This is mostly due to the fact that Goldens love their food ­ any food ­ and

will eat constantly if allowed to do so. Remember, Golden Retrievers are a working dog, which

means they have a lot of energy. Get your Retriever out for long walks or games of fetch to help

keep those unwanted pounds away.

The Basset Hound

Another short­legged dog that loves to lounge and eat is the Basset Hound. Although, this breed

was intended as a hunting dog, with this practice left mainly for sport these days, the Bassett has

become a lazy­lounger. Unfortunately, because of its under­sized legs, this dog can pack on the

pounds very quickly, so get him out there to exercise on a daily basis.

Lishinu Tip: Feed your dog healthy snacks like chunks of carrot or green beans to keep

his caloric intake down.

The Rottweiler

Once thought of as a tough and “scary” breed, the Rottweiler has been making its way into

homes as a beloved pet for many years. However, along with being a house pet comes the

propensity to pack on the pounds. Rotties are a large and active breed that can keep up with the

best, so don’t let him become a couch­potato.

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