Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog this Fall

Summer is over and we welcome in the fall season. So why not get outdoors with your canine companion to see what this time of year has in store?

Not sure where to start?

Check out our top ideas of fun activities to do with your dog this fall. But hurry, this season won’t last for long.

Take a Hike

Dogs should get to experience three new sniffs each day. So what could be a better way to do this than by taking a hike? Go experience the great outdoors and what nature has to offer you through hiking trails, hilly regions or even a beach. Most areas have designated spots for hikers that are clearly marked, but if not be brave and take yourself and your pooch through unexplored territory. Just remember to be safe by keeping your dog on a leash. And don’t forget the snacks!

Tip: Lishnu’s hands-free leash allows you to have full use of your hands for balance or to just carry some water for both you and your pooch.

Do the Doggy Park

The fall season may be a great time to revisit the doggy park. This is the perfect way for your canine to visit with his poochie-pals, while you reconnect with those other pet parents that also took refuge all summer long in the coolness of air conditioning.

Annual Dog Walk Events

Some cities and areas will take advantage of the autumn months to hold annual events like dog-walking parades or walks to raise money for local animal shelters. Check your local listings, social media or the animal shelter itself to see if any of these events are taking place. If so grab your pup, a Lishinu retractable lead, your sneakers and join the fun with your local community.

Leaf-Pile Fun

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with deciduous trees, then allow your pooch the frolicking fun and mischief of bounding into a freshly raked pile (remember the thrill of this as a child). Your dog may also be the type that just loves to try to snap up falling leaves as you sweep them into the air.

Have a senior dog? Pile the leaves in a sunny spot and let your old-timer enjoy a relaxing nap on this comfy-pile-of-nature. Either way, just be sure there are no foreign objects in the leaves like large sticks that can cause injury.

Pick a Pumpkin…or Two

Your pup probably won’t pick the “perfect” pumpkin, but he will love the walk and sniff around the pumpkin patch. Gather up the family and find a patch that is pet-friendly then explore to your heart’s content.

Lishinu Hint: Did you know that pumpkin is safe for dogs to eat? Try some speciality-made pumpkin cookies for dogs or even a dollop of pumpkin puree on his kibble.

Get Cozy Together

After a day of fun and adventure, grab a wooly blanket, your favorite DVD and cozy up on the sofa with your canine companion. The cooler evenings are the perfect time to catch some cuddles with your dog and settle in for an evening of relaxation and extra bonding.

Lishinu Cares

Here at Lishinu we encourage you to spend quality time this fall with your dog. Grab a Lishinu retractable hands-free leash and go see what the world has to offer you.

Our leashes provide you with the benefit of both your hands available for carrying stuff like your cell phone or doggy bags. They also lock with just a one quick arm motion. Plus, they come in all those fabulous fall colors like yellow, green and orange. Try one out to see where Lishinu and your pooch take you today.