Dog owners are saying
Lishinu Testimonials
Blaz & Zoky
In my free time I really love to hike. Thanks to Lishinu I have a better control over my dog Zoky and we enjoy our moments in nature even if I use both hiking poles. Isn’t that great?
Lishinu Testimonials
Ines & Lily
Running is part of everyday routine for me and my dog Lily. I was seeking for a way to make it easier and less stressful for both of us. Thanks to Lishinu I finally found a way so we can both enjoy our recreation.
Lishinu Testimonials
Suzane & Vinny
When I walk my dog Vinny, I like to use the time to make a call to my friend. With Lishinu I can hold my phone, focus myself on talking with friends, and still have control over Vinny.