What Can Our Dog’s Teach Us About Fitness and Health? You Will Be Surprised!

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When we are looking to change our daily eating and exercise habits, we most likely seek advice from either a fitness guru or a medical professional that can help guide us onto a healthier path. However, how our canine companions instinctively live each day, is actually filled with some marvelous wisdom. What can our dogs…

Top Reasons Why Canine Fitness is Important and How You Can Help

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With obesity on the rise we know that a daily routine of exercise and good nutrition are two of the most important ways to keep ourselves in top shape. The same goes for our canine companions. Fitness for our bff (best furry friend) is no longer something good pet parents view as a once ­in­ awhile activity. It…

5 tips for running with your dog

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1. DON’T START TO EARLY If you just got a puppy, make sure he or she is old enough to run with you. The earliest time to start running with your puppy is at about nine months of age. Muscles of a younger puppy cannot support the bones that are still developing and you could…