Best Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween is coming so it’s time to start thinking about dressing up your pooch to celebrate the day. To help you with the decision as to what to transform your furry pal into, we’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween costumes for your dog. Check them out…

Lion Mane Dog Costume


Let your canine companion look like the King of the Jungle with this faux fur lion mane costume. It comes with an adjustable elastic band and is made for larger breed dogs with a neck girth from 14 to 31 inches (35 to 80 cm).

Lishinu Halloween Tip: Use our retractable hands-free lead to keep your pooch safe this Halloween.

Super Hero Pooch to the Rescue

Super heroes are all the rage right now, so why not let your pooch join in the fun? This adorable skirt, bodice and headband will transform your furry pal into one “tough” crime fighter and is sure to “catch” some smiles and laughter along the way.

What’s That Smell?


You don’t want your pup encountering one, but dressing him up like a skunk is loads of fun. Made with durable, high-quality fabric, this black and white adjustable skunk costume will turn your pet into the life of the party, without the lingering odor.

Lishinu Halloween Tip: Try our neon-colored covers this Halloween to dress up your retractable lead for the festivities, too.

Dino-Mite Costume


Bring those dinosaurs back to life with this adorable triceratops dog costume made by the Animal Planet company. This two-horned head gear comes with an adjustable strap for a comfy fit and in four sizes. The soft, yet durable material will let your dog look terrifying while “chomping” back some of those tasty Halloween dog treats.

Raptor This


Another Animal Planet favorite dog costume is the Raptor. Made to “shine” (literally and figuratively) this padded costume comes with a real dino-look including raptor hood, tail and tiny dino-arms that extend from the front of your dog’s chest…truly terrifying! It comes in four different sizes so be sure to measure your pup for a proper fit.

Lishinu Halloween Tip: Keep your Halloween pup safe by your side with our hands-free stop-quick feature.

Best Butterfly Costume


Don’t let your pup “bug” out before he gets this best butterfly costume on. It comes with a soft, printed butterfly hood complete with antennas, and big foam, monarch-inspired wings that fasten to your dog’s back via an under-the-arm enclosure. All that’s missing is a big bouquet or flowers.

Star Wars Bantha Costume

For all you Star Wars fans here’s the perfect costume to get you and your dog in the Halloween mood. This realistic Bantha jacket comes equipped with head gear horns and rider, turning your dog into one adorable “vehicle.” However, it only comes in one size, fitting most medium-size dogs from 15 inches (38.1 cm) around the neck and 17 inches (43.1 cm) around the chest.

“Drink” In This Puppy Latte

Coffee has come a long way over the decades and we’re now able to enjoy a nice latte whenever we want. If you’re a fan of these iced or brewed beverages let your dog dress up like a Puppy Latte this Halloween. This adorable dog costume has a realistic logo to one of the most favored franchises around, with a ruffled foam neck and “foamy” hat. It comes in four sizes to fit small to extra-large.

Police Dog Costume


Your canine may never graduate from the doggy police academy, but with this fun cop costume your dog can “live the dream.” The blue police shirt is made from polyester and is available in four sizes. In addition, it comes with a matching hat and belt with all the accessories your pooch will need to make his next arrest.

Minion Bob


The Minions won the hearts of children and adults alike and now you can have one of your very own. Dress up your dog (big or small) with the licensed Bob Minion costume equipped with big foam head and stuffed Minion arms. The front legs of your dog fit through the “leg” openings of the costume to give the appearance of Bob coming to life.

Lishinu Cares

Here at Lishinu we want the best for your pets. With our hands-free lead you can dress up your dog and join your kids on an evening of treat-or-treating. Although, this is a fun-filled event, be sure to keep a close eye on your costumed pet. And never leave your dog unattended while dressed up as this can lead to choking hazards or other unplanned incidents.

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