Why choose Lishinu?


Simple! There are just too many reasons why choose Lishinu hands free dog lead over others, but just to make it easier for you we are mentioning a few.

Compared to ordinary hand dog leashes Lishinu has the obvious amazing advantages:

1. Freeing users hands while maintaining contact at all times, this prevents your dog (especially puppies) from wandering off,

2. Perfect for active people especially while jogging or walking with your dog; it allows natural free motion of you arms while doing sports.

What about Waist leash? Easy, here are the advantages of Lishinu dog lead (L) compared to waist leash (W);

1. W:There is no auto lock & retraction, this means loosen rope between you and your dog.
L: There is patented auto lock mechanism &retraction, pure elegance:)

2. W: If your dog is not right beside you and you want to bring him closer, you have to grab the rope and pull him closer – less control over your dog unless you dance a belly dance:).
L: Pulling dog closer is done with a simple movement of a hand – easier, more simple and more fancy looking – more control over your dog – freedom of your hands even when you are controlling your dog (you can still have a hamburger in one hand, your cell in other and still control your dog/ bring him/her closer).

3. W: When you come to a place where you do not need WB any more, where do you put it? It is not really nice thing hanging there from you.
L: You just ware it on your wrist like a watch – very stylish/useful – you will turn heads for sure;).

4. W: If your dog wants  to go for a  quick leak for 2 mins you need to “dress” your WB
L: With Lishinu it is simple and easy, like putting a watch or your hand – strap on – strap off when done. Simple, right?

5. W: As such “need to dress” lead it really can not be used like a normal lead – everyday situation.
L: Lishinu is a normal lead, that you can hold in hand like every other lead, OR you can simply put it on your wrist when you go jogging or need both hands. YOU DO NOT NEED 2 LEADS, all options are in one!

6. W: W can heat your waist back, well it can get uncomfortable.
L:  No uncomfortable feeling around your waste.

7. W: Well you decide how good looking it is.
L: Amazingly stylish and cool:)

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